My focus is driving the planning process to achieve our client’s goals and in turn enhancing the face of our cities and regions.

Brendon Walkinshaw is one of the Gold Coast’s leading Urban Planners. With decades of industry experience, Brendon is an expert advisor across all major sectors.
With a thorough working knowledge of the QLD and NSW planning systems at local and state levels, Brendon provides clients with expert advice on site acquisition, due diligence, highest and best use planning and development approval strategies.
Brendon’s professional background in Urban Planning, Law and Economics, are the trifecta that fuel his passion for high quality development and placemaking. EUP clients value this holistic approach that Brendon skillfully brings to project delivery.

Qualifications & Affiliations

B. Economics
B. Law
B. Urban Planning
Admitted Solicitor
Queensland Environmental Law Association (QELA)
Member, Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)

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Urban Planner

I am passionate about providing innovative planning strategies that allow our clients to deliver great development outcomes.

Chris Goold is a passionate Urban Planner with a foundation in statutory and environmental planning.
Chris specialises in development application management and project management across all sectors. Client’s value Chris’ ability to skillfully guide complex developments through the application process – from project inception, development approval strategising, through to development approval.

Qualifications & Affiliations

B. Urban & Environmental Planning (Hons)
Member, Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)

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Office Manager

At Enhance Urban Planning, we’re proud of what we do. I am passionate about development, and love being part of the growth of our cities and regions.

Emma Walkinshaw is at the heart of Enhance Urban Planning’s practice.
As Office Manager, Emma oversees the running of our projects, working closely with the team to ensure our projects and client needs are managed to the highest standard.
Emma brings more than 15 years’ experience to her work at Enhance Urban Planning, which helps secure great outcomes for our team and clients. She is passionate about development and works hard to ensure our client’s needs and goals are met.

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Urban Planner

Beau is a qualified Urban Planner with several years’ experience in the private sector. Beau has an excellent working knowledge of the Gold Coast and Brisbane City Plans, assisting with the preparation and lodgement of a wide variety of projects ranging from commercial, housing and unit product, small and medium-scale subdivisions and industrial developments. Beau presents a commitment to attention to detail and a results focused attitude, with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and environments. Clients recognise Beau’s rational and calm approach to the application and assessment process and value his consistent guidance and timely management of developments from inception to completion.

Qualifications & Affiliations

B. Urban Development & Regional Planning

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Town & Transport Planner

Haydn is a qualified Town & Transport Planner with over 10 years combined experience in the private and public sectors. Haydn is recognised for his contributions to many land use and transport initiatives that have been conducted on the Gold Coast in recent years. His focus has been to develop new communities with real transport choices. Haydn has also made significant contributions to the development of planning schemes, town centre masterplans, residential, commercial and mixed use developments. He takes pride in the projects that he works on and always seeks to consider the most commercially viable solutions for clients. His experience is not limited to Queensland and extends to the New South Wales planning approvals system

Qualifications & Affiliations

B. Environmental Planning (BEnvPlan)

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